The Office Will Open Soon!

The walls are up and the floors have been put down so we are very close to opening the new location! It is very exciting to see things coming along.  We have encountered some bumps during the construction and are slightly behind schedule, but that is to be expected.

Everyone on the team is very excited to start taking care of our patients again in our own office because there is no place like home.

Here is a peek at how things are coming along.

Office in progress
Our reception area is now full of boxes. It could be our ceiling tiles.
Room 3
We will have three working rooms and this is one of the rooms.
Room 2
This room is partially ready.
Room 2
There is still some way to go before we can call it home.
Sterilization Area
This will be the area used to sterilize the instruments and keep our kits organized for treatment.
Treatment room
Another view of our rooms.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
The hallway from the back of the office going to the front.

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