Welcome to our little corner of dentistry!

Dental office to the those seeking a caring, non-hurried environment for dental treatment.
Dental office to the those seeking a caring, non-hurried environment for dental treatment.

What a wonderful way to reach out and be involved with our patients and others! We are able to address concerns and questions that we encounter on a daily basis. The goal is to bring forth answers to questions that people often forget to ask until after they have left the office. Our hope is to educate, and maybe even entertain, while we are navigating to the answers you search.

A dental office visit can be a VERY scary adventure for some people, uncomfortable in the very least. BUT….our aim is to help you help yourself. Our team of trained dental professionals are here to help you in your quest for a happy, healthy mouth and smile. We have armed ourselves with some of the latest technologies to provide you with a road map to wellness. Our tools of the trade we have available in our office are used together with our education and experience to help provide you with the information you need to make educated choices about your dental health.

For some people the scariest part of visiting their friendly dental team is the financial part of the visit. But the dollar amounts associated with dentistry are only part of the full picture. Insurance companies and the policies they negotiate with their customers are often below standards to pay for the optimum, long-term treatment for their customers. Often the insurance language needs translation so our patients understand the benefits they have paid for with these companies. We hope to adequately address questions and concerns about insurance in the future.

I have said that we view ourselves as part of a team to help you help yourself to a happy, health mouth. I want to be clear that this does not mean that we will be expected to show up at your house or workplace to brush and floss your teeth for you. Nor does it mean that we will be able to sugar-coat some dental truths so that they are not painful or uncomfortable to hear or read. With knowledge you have power and that is an awesome first step, wouldn’t you agree? We look forward to hearing your concerns and questions in the future. This will help us to know what you want to know.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to the adventure!